Pearl Rose Construction Ltd. (PRC) is fast approaching its 25th anniversary. It has consistently serves and supports Red Deer and Central Alberta in the role as General Contractor. The year 1993 marks the humble beginnings of Pearl Rose Construction with 1 – 3 employees, to what we now have today – 18 permanent employees, Journeyman tradesmen, seasoned professionals and a full complement of office support staff.

Pearl Rose Construction (PRC) thrives today due to its reputation as a ‘local’ construction company best known for its ‘professionalism with a personal touch’.  The principle owner of Pearl Rose, Bert Eggink, exemplifies the meaning of family and community, leading a company that employs many long term employees of 15+ years. He often volunteers and/or supplies pro bono company resources to assist local community projects, sports and recreation.

It is not an ‘original’ concept in order to succeed you need to be able to build lasting industry relationships, and establish strong collaborative working ties with all parties involved in projects. However it is to be noted that the ability to deliver finished projects, meeting and often exceeding expectations is a track record to be proud of.


PRC is a construction management company of choice, demonstrated by repeat project contracts with provincial and municipal agencies, and consultants; and includes multiple projects involving the Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools. PRC’s government and municipal project portfolio is divers, spanning simple to complex projects, majority of them comprehensive add-ons and renovations.

We build and design projects for both  Provincial and Municipal Governments, Banks and Professional Commercial buildings, Large Corporations, Industrial, Environmental, Civil Infrastructure, Non for Profit business and a variety of signage throughout Central Alberta.

PRC Head Office, inclusive of shop and yard, is located in Red Deer County. It acts as central hub for PRC operations and management personnel, communications, work crews, vehicle and equipment fleets, maintenance service, and storage for tools and materials. Simply we have the capacity to deliver small to  large and complex projects.

The heart of Pearl Rose Construction’s success is our ability to listen, remain flexible, tailor work to our clients, and to follow through as agreed. These are our ‘trade marks’ and our formula behind integrity. This is the reason we thrive during downturns in the local economy.